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Apex EDI Enrollments via the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal

7 articles

Credit Card Processing

10 articles

Getting Started

How to provision your account to begin billing and charting your notes.

9 articles

Legacy Apex EDI Enrollment Process

For those who requested Apex EDI Enrollments prior to 10.20.20

4 articles

Video Conferencing/Telehealth

3 articles

Account Access

How to manage access, privileges and usernames.

8 articles

Wiley Treatment Planner and Progress Notes

11 articles

Billing - Creating a Session and Invoicing

9 articles

Electronic Billing

16 articles


How to enter insurance and client payments.

6 articles

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

1 article


14 articles

Reporting - Client

6 articles

Reporting - Payment Reconciliation

4 articles

Reporting - Misc

6 articles

Linking with Jituzu

3 articles

To Do List

1 article

Out-of-Network or Fee-for-Service Billing

1 article