Creating Client Sessions

Creating Client Sessions

Client Sessions can be accessed by clicking on Daily Activity on the left.  Then click on Client Sessions.

There are two ways to create Client Sessions in My Clients Plus:

  1. Manually enter the Client Session
  2. Import appointments from your Jituzu Calendar as Client Sessions.

Manually enter Client Sessions:

  • Select the Client Name from the drop down box at the top.
  • Select the Date of Service from the Calendar on the Client Session screen.
  • Click "Add a New Session" and the Client Session Entry Screen will be displayed.

  • Insurance Note - This button is displayed if there is a note added to the insurance company in the Codes Setup.  If you move your mouse over it, the message will be displayed.
  • Authorized Sessions - This information is displayed at the top of the Client Session so you can always review current authorizations.
  • Billing Code - This will default to whatever was saved last.  To change the billing code, click on the drop down box and select the appropriate billing code.  Changing the billing code will also change the Session Length and Charge.  Those can be edited and saved if needed.
  • Diagnosis Code - This will default to whatever was saved last.  You can click on the drop down box to make a different selection or click on the + to add a new Diagnosis Code to the Diagnosis Code Setup.
  • Location Type - This defaults to 11 Office.
  • Bill To - This defaults to "Automatic (Let the system decide)".  If the client normally bills to insurance, but you would like to create only a client invoice for something like a phone call, report writing or something of that nature, you may click on the drop down box and change it to "Bill the client directly (Bypass insurance)".
  • Paid at Session - If the client pays at session, that amount would be entered here.  If the account is synced to a Jituzu account that is set up with a merchant account, you may click on Pay Now to process a credit card payment.  HINT: Enter client payments into the Client Session, but do not enter an amount that exceeds the amount required by insurance. It can result in an over-payment or credit. You may change the amount in Paid at Session up until an insurance EOB is posted to the Client Account. 
  • Bill Code Modifiers - You may enter up to 4 two digit bill code modifiers.  
  • Additional Diagnosis:  You may add up to 3 additional Diagnosis Codes.

  • Additional Dates - Additional dates may be added as needed
  • Referring Provider - To add information for the Referring Provider, click on Edit Info.  A box will pop up where you can add their first and last name and NPI number.  You must have at least those three pieces of information to successfully include the Referring Provider on a claim.
  • Line Note - This is used on electronic claims only when a payer requires free form information with the client session.
  • Resubmission Code and Orig Ref - This is used to submit a Corrected Claim or a Voided Claim.  Please see our knowledge base for additional information.
  • Insurance Company Overrides - These are not commonly used.  If used, these will "override" the Practice Setup.
  • Comments & Client Notes - Comments are intended for administrative type notes.  Client File Notes displays the Client Note from the Client Setup.

NOTE: Not all fields in the Client Session are supported on the CMS form, and are used for electronic submission of claims. This includes Line Note and Other Reference.

When you have completed the Client Session entry, you have three options:

  1. Save - This will take you back to the Client Session screen where you may enter a new Client Session.
  2. Save and Add Note - This will save the Client Session and take you directly to Progress Notes for the specified client.
  3. Create Add-On Codes - This will give you the opportunity to add up to 4 additional Add On Codes to the Primary Client Session without leaving the screen.

Click save when completed and you will be returned to the Client Session screen.

Import Appointments from Jituzu:

To import appointments from Jituzu, simply click on Client Sessions and then on "Import Calendar Appointments".  A screen will pop up for Jituzu where you can select the appointments to import.  Click "Send to Billing" and the Client Sessions will be created and available in My Clients Plus in Invoice Clients and Insurance, and in Client Sessions.  Popups must be enabled on the browser for