Invoicing Claims

Invoicing Claims

Invoicing can be accessed by clicking on Daily Activity on the left.  Then click on Invoice Clients and Insurance.

All of the sessions that are listed have not yet been invoiced. Once the client sessions have been invoiced, they will no longer be on this screen.

  • Sessions that are ready to bill must have a green icon and a check in the box on the left to invoice.
  • If there is a RED icon located to the left of a session, that session will not invoice until errors are corrected.  Move the mouse over the RED icon or the client name to read the error message.  Once all errors are corrected, the client session will have a green icon and must have a check in the box on the left, to be ready to invoice.
  • To “hold” a client session and not invoice it with the rest of a batch, deselect the session by removing the check from the box.  To invoice, simply click on the box to populate it with a check again.
  • To invoice all sessions that are ready to bill, click on “Generate Invoices and Insurance Forms” at the button.
  • The Optional Invoice Message will print on the Client Invoices only.  To add a message to a client invoice, simply type your message and generate an invoice.  
  • Once the client sessions has been invoiced, My Clients Plus will create separate PDF files for client invoices, paper claims, claims using pre-printed forms, and electronic claims from that batch.  Sessions that have been electronically billed will have an “Electronically Submitted” watermark across the top.
  • Click on the PDF files to open them, and print them if needed.

To access the PDF file at a later time:

  1. Click on Daily Activity and then on Balances Due You.   Click on “Go” and then on the red/white View Invoice icon located to the right of the session.  This will give you the original “batch” PDF file.  You may need to scroll through the PDF to find the claim you would like to review.   This method will work until payment is entered against the Client Session.  Once a payment has been posted, then you will need to access through the Account Activity by Client.
  2. Select the client at the top and click on the dollar icon ($) to the right of the client name to access the Account Activity by Client.  Choose the appropriate date range and click “Go”.   To access the PDF file, click on the BLUE link to the right of the session (under description).  It will say “Billed Primary Insurance”, “Billed Secondary Insurance”, “Resubmitted Claim”, or “Billed Client”.