Creating Client Invoices and Statements

Creating Client Invoices and Statements

Client Invoices are created one of two ways

  1. Fee for Service client - The client session can be entered in Client Sessions and then an Invoice can be generated in Invoice Clients and Insurance.
  2. Insurance clients - Once the insurance payer is billed and a payment is received and entered, the software will automatically prompt to create a Client Invoice in Invoice Clients and Insurance.  This client invoice should be generated even if the client has paid their responsibility.  It will do two things:
    1. It will post any Client Session/Paid at Session
    2. It will compare the Client Session/Paid at Session with what the insurance payer says the client owes and creates an invoice with any client balance due.

Client Statements

Client Statements can be created two ways.  Client Statements will pull client information that has already been invoiced.

  1. Account Activity by Client  
    1. Select the appropriate client from the Client drop-down box and click on the $ icon to access the Account Activity by Client.  
    2. Select the appropriate date range if it is different than the default date range and click Go.
    3. Click Standard Report or Include Diagnosis/Service (if you want a Superbill).
    4. Click on Print your Client Statement to open the PDF file.
  2. Client Statements
    1. In the blue menu, click on Reports, Client Reports and then Print Client Statements
    2. Select which report to print
    3. Add an Optional message if desired
    4. Click Go
    5. Click on Print your Account Statements to open the PDF file that contains the statements.