Adding Tags to a Client Record

Adding Tags to a Client Record

Tags are a dynamic tool to group, categorize or classify related information.  Examples may be to classify certain type of insurance clients, referral sources, collections, etc.  Multiple tags may be added to any client record.

Tags may be added to client records through the Client Setup. 

Reporting that is facilitated by the use of tags:

  • Client List
  • Print Client Statements
  • Cash Posted by Date
  • Practice Facts and Statistics
  • Clinician Payroll Worksheet

Adding a tag:

Tags are added through the Client Setup.  Select a client in the top drop down box and click on the green icon to the right of the drop down box.  In the Client Setup, click on the green Tags button.

  • A new tag may added by typing it in the entry box and clicking Add
  • An existing tag may be used by clicking on the blue tab listed at the bottom of the box.
  • A tag may be removed from a client by clicking on the 'x' next to the gray tag.