Adding a Progress Note

Adding a Progress Note

Progress Notes may be initiated from a few different locations in My Clients Plus.  They include:

  • The Progress Notes icon (green icon with the pencil)
  • Client Session as part of the Save process
  • Client Session summary screen after a session has been saved
  • Invoice Clients and Insurance
  • Session Activity report (as long as a client session has already been entered and saved)

1)  Select a Client in the dropdown box at the top of the screen and click on the pencil icon.

2)  Add a Client Session and then click on Save and Add Progress Note

3)  Click on the clipboard icon after a Client Session has already been saved.

4)  Click on the clipboard icon in Invoice Clients and Insurance

5)  Click on the Progress Notes icon in the Session Activity Report.

Once the Progress Note entry screen has been accessed, click on the drop down box for Choose Session Date.

From this screen, you can:

  • Create New Note
  • Create Copy from Last Note
  • Click on a specific note to view or choose to Copy Forward that specific note

Once you have selected an option (for this example, we will use Create New Note), select which template will be used and the Session Date as appropriate..

Once the Session Date is selected and Create Note is clicked, the selected template will be displayed.

Complete filling in the progress note template. When it is complete, click Save.  Click Preview (popups must be allowed for in the browser) to review the Progress Note and to confirm the data is as desired.  The Progress Note may be Signed and Locked by clicking the Sign and Lock button.

Once a Progress Note is locked and signed, it cannot be edited or deleted.  A Note Addendum can be added if needed.

After a note is Signed and Locked by the provider, the client may then sign off on the note*, if needed. 

(*Provider signatures will be stored and can be updated as often as needed. Client signatures will never be stored and must be signed each time they are needed.)

Electronic Signatures will be viewable on either the note Preview or the printed note.