Printing your Progress Notes

Printing your Progress Notes

To Print a Progress Note, select the client from the drop down box at the top of the screen and click on the pencil icon. *Please note that Wiley Treatment Plans need to be printed by going to each individual note, and choosing "More Options."

1) Click on the Print Notes button.

2) Select the date range and other options you would like to use.  You can increase the size of the font when you print by changing Font size.  When the preview pops up, it will still look the same, but when you actually print, the font will be changed.

3) Click Print.  Popups must be enabled for the print function for

4) The printable Progress Notes will pop up in a new window.  Simply click Ctrl P (Command P on a Mac) to pop up the printer box.

The browser that work best for printing Progress Notes is Firefox.