Session Activity by Client

Session Activity by Client

Session Activity is a  powerful report for auditing session activity by date, client, or procedure code. The report indicates whether progress notes have been completed for each session.

Access the Account Activity Report by clicking on Reports, then Client Reports.  

The Session Activity report is sortable in a number of ways:

  • Sort by client name
  • Sort by billing code
  • Sort by primary diagnosis code
  • Sort by session date
  • Show when notes exist, but the session has not been entered

Select how you would like the data sorted, select the date range and any tags you might like to use.

Once the criteria has been selected, click Go.  Whichever criteria view is selected, the Session Activity will display the status of the Progress Note that is applicable to a Client Session.

  • Red icon - this means no progress note has been written.  Click on the red icon to go directly to Progress Notes.
  • Green icon - This means that a progress note has been written if the first box is green.  If the second box is green, then it means that the progress note has also been locked and signed.
  • Yellow - If the middle icon is yellow, this means the progress note has not been locked and signed.  If the third box is yellow, then it means that a Supervisor has not signed off on it.  If Supervisor Sign off is being tracked, the icon will only turn green if a different username than created the note added a Supervisor Sign Off to the note.

Clicking on any of the icons will take you directly to Progress Notes. The green icon or yellow icon will take you directly to the note selected.