Clinician Payroll

Clinician Payroll Report

There are two different options within My Clients Plus to use for clinician payroll:
  1. Cash Posted by Date - Selection criteria (select by Posting Date and check the box for "Show paid at session on session date, rather than posting date".) This is used when a clinician is paid a percentage based on the cash received during a specified time period.  This will pay the clinician for client payments at the time they are made rather than when they are posted.  This report can be downloaded.
  2. Clinician Payroll Worksheet - This is used when a clinician is paid a set dollar rate per CPT or Billing Code. It can be set up with different Billing Code rates by insurance payer or for all payers.  This can also be set up using a percentage rather than a dollar amount.  This report pays the clinicians for any client payments at the time they are posted (after the EOB is entered and the client is invoiced).

Clinician Payroll Worksheet

Access this report through Reports, then click on Misc Reports.  

When you create an entry for a specific Payer or a Billing Code, the report will use the rate for that line. Otherwise, the report will use the rate that is entered for the Default row.

You can select the criteria either by posting date or check date.  If you choose to select your cash payments by check date, please be aware that the results of the report can change over time as you enter new payments with a check date that falls within the period you have already reported.

If you calculate payroll based on a percentage of cash receipts, we typically recommend you use the Cash Posted By Date report. Download the results of that report into a spreadsheet and make your calculations as you see fit.  The Cash Posted by Date report will allow the clinicians to be paid for the client copays at the time they are made.