Group Reporting

Group Reporting

Group reporting is available when you use a master username that is joined to multiple accounts in a practice.

There are several reports that allow the owner of a master username to pull select or all providers in a practice into a report.

These reports include:

  • Cash Posted by Date - This report can be found under Reports and then Payment Reconciliation
  • Practice Facts and Statistics - This report can be found under Reports and then Misc Reports
  • Balances Due You - This report is listed under Daily Activity

An example of group reporting is the Cash Posted by Date report.  Any report that has group reporting has the blue button for Select Providers (optional).  

When you click on Select Providers (Optional), you may select multiple providers individually or All.

Once you have selected the providers you would like included in the report, the Select Providers (Optional) button changes and displays how many providers have been selected for that report.