Account Activity by Client

Account Activity by Client

The Account Activity by Client details all the financial activity that has occurred regarding a client's account.  It includes when claims were billed, what payments have been posted and outstanding balances.

From this report, you can print a Client Statement or Insurance Superbill as long as the client sessions have already been invoiced.

Select the client from the top drop down box and click on the $ icon to open the Account Activity by Client.  

Each color in the report is a different Date of Service (DOS) with the DOS being the date in the upper left of each color break. The second line is the date that each item is invoiced.  Payment dates display the check date.  If an electronic claim has been resubmitted, you will see a line item under Description "Resubmitted Claim".

The blue links under Description are a link to somewhere:

  • Client Session - this will take you directly to the client session
  • Billed Primary Insurance or Billed Client - this will open up the batch PDF file that was created when the claim was invoiced
  • Resubmitted Claim - this will open up the PDF file that was created when the claim was resubmitted through the Balances Due You report.


  • Scissors icon - this will delete the client session and any payment posted against it.
  • Magnifying Glass - this is used with electronic claims and will allow you to see the information sent in the 5010 837 transaction.

If you see a message that says "Paid at visit NOT yet applied to account (post EOB=> run invoices)" in the Account Activity, this is a normal message and is just a reminder to invoice the client once the insurance EOB has been entered and posted.  There is no action that you need to take until the Insurance EOB is posted.  Once the insurance EOB or ERA is posted, you can go to Invoice Clients and Insurance to generate the client invoice.

To print the Account Activity, you can click on the Plain Table button at the top of the Account Activity. 

This will load a printer friendly version of the report, you can then press Control + P on your keyboard or right click and click Print to print the screen.