Balances Due You Report

Balances Due You Report

The Balances Due You report displays all outstanding balances that have not yet had a payment posted against them.  This includes insurance balances and client balances.

To access the Balances Due You report, either click on the quick link to the Balances Due You report on the home page of your account or under Daily Activity:

Once you have selected the report, there is some selection criteria to choose from:

Select Providers - this report can be displayed for one provider or for multiple providers (if you have multiple providers joined to a master username).

Select what data you would like to see - You can See Everything or portions of the Balances Due You based on the selection you make.  

We recommend that the option Bill more than 30 days ago be reviewed periodically.  If payments are regularly posted and payment has not received on those claims, then any insurance claims in the Billed more than 30 days ago view should be followed up with the payer.

When there are claims billed out to Electronic Payers, the word ELECTRONIC is displayed prior to the payer name.  All electronic claims have three icons after them:

1)  Electronic Claim Status - This displays the current status of an electronic claim.  When a mouseover of the icon is made, the Claim Status box will pop up with the latest electronic message. 

  • Red icon - means the claim has been rejected for some reason.  
  • Blue icon - means the claims is either leaving My Clients Plus or being processed by the clearinghouse
  • Green icon - means the claim has been accepted by the clearinghouse and been sent to the payer.  The payer may accept or reject the claim at that point.  If the payer rejects the claim, it will turn to a red icon.  If they accept the claim, then icon will remain green.

2) Full Electronic Claim Status - this icon allows you to click on it to see if there is more than one payer message on a claim.  This will show you all messages rather than just the most recent message. If there is no second electronic status icon, then there are only PMS or clearinghouse responses at that time.  Once there is a payer specific response, then you will see that second icon next to the DOS.

3)  PDF icon - This icon allows access to the original batch PDF file that was created with the claim was generated.  This file does not update for Resubmitted Claim.  You must view Resubmitted Claim in the Account Activity by Client.

4)  Paper icon - This icon allows for a billing followup note to be added for purposes of claim followup.  Once a payment has been posted against the claim, the claim will drop off the Balances Due You report and the note will be gone.

The claim can be resubmitted by CLICKING on the 1st electronic billing icon in the Balances Due You report.  A box will pop up called Resubmit a Claim.  Click on Resubmit Now to resubmit.  The Resubmitted claim image may be viewed in the Account Activity by Client.