Adding a Taxonomy to Your Electronic Claim

Adding a Taxonomy to your Electronic Claims

There are a few settings to change to add your taxonomy number to your claims.

Practice Setup - Enter the taxonomy number in the block next to the NPI number.  Click Save.

Insurance Setup - The 'Suppress Taxonomy Number' drop down box defaults to 'No'.  If you would like to suppress the taxonomy, you can switch it to Yes and click Save.

Adding a taxonomy adjacent to the Billing NPI will print the billing taxonomy number in block 19 of the CMS form so you can see that it was submitted, but it is transmitted to the insurance payer in a different way. There is no block on the CMS form specifically for the taxonomy number.

In the Account Activity by Client, by clicking on the 'magnifying glass' icon, you can see the full 5010 record.

If there is a billing taxonomy on a claim, it can be seen in Loop 2000A under Header. A rendering taxonomy would be seen in 2310B under Rendering Provider Detail.

If you don't know your taxonomy number, you can go to the NPPES website and do an NPI lookup to find your taxonomy: