Getting Started with My Clients Plus

Getting Started with My Clients Plus

Welcome to My Clients Plus and thank you for choosing to become a subscriber.  We've put together some articles here to help you get started setting up your account.

The first step to setting up your account is completing your Setup screens. Here are articles on each Setup screen:

To learn more about Managing Your Subscriptions including Wiley Treatment Planner and Electronic Billing, please visit out Knowledge Base article for Managing Your Subscriptions.

If you are using Progress Notes, you will also want to set up the Progress Note Templates that you would like to use.  Please visit our Knowledge Base to view our articles for Wiley Treatment Planner and Progress Notes.

If you are electronically billing claims to insurance, we have a number of articles to help you with  Electronic Billing  

  • Before you start billing claims electronically, be sure to check for any payers that may need pre-enrollment for electronic billing.  You can find more information about pre-enrollment here: EDI and ERA Enrollment

Once these things are completed, you are ready to add your client sessions and bill! 

Merchant Payment Processing

If you need a merchant account in Jituzu to process your client payments, that option is available for signup in our affiliate company, Jituzu.  Setting up your Jituzu account can be as simple as clicking on Calendar in your My Clients Plus can set up your Jituzu account and synchronize it to your My Clients Plus account in one quick process.  

Here is a quick link that walks you through adding a Merchant Account:  Setting up your Merchant Account

Once you are set up with a merchant account, you can process your client credit card payments directly from your My Clients Plus account.  

This link will walk you through the ways you can process a client credit card once your merchant account is ready:  Processing Client Credit Cards

We have a number of resources in our Knowledge Base to help you along the way. We also offer a live webinar, which you can sign up for here.