Adjusting a Client Credit

Adjusting a Client Credit

If too much payment has been applied to an individual client session, it will appear as a negative session balance.  To apply this credit to another client session, click on Payments Received and Adjustments.

Click Enter a New Item.

  • Select Payment Type of "From client"
  • "Click here to choose" and select the client name
  • Select today's date
  • The Total Amount of the Check is $0 when completing an adjustment

Click on the hand next to the credit.  Click Apply Payment.

Click on the hand icon next to a client session that shows an amount due and click Save.

If there are more than one session, click on the hand next to the next client session with a balance due.

When the Remaining Amount to Apply is 0.0, then the box will pop up to allow you to Update Account Balances.  

Click on Update Account Balances to POST the adjustment.

To review adjustments to the client account, select the Client in the drop down box and click on the green $ icon to access the Account Activity by Client.  You can see that the session balance on each of the three client sessions is now $0 and the credit has now been applied to the other client sessions.