How to Correct a Rejected Electronic Claim

How to Correct a Rejected Electronic Claim

If a claim is rejected for something that can be corrected in:

  • Client Session - except Billed Charge
  • Client Setup
  • Practice Setup
  • Insurance Setup

You can go to the appropriate screen, make the change and save it.  Then you can resubmit the claim through the Balances Due You Report. See:  How to Resubmit Electronic Claims.

If the claim has an incorrect Billed Charge, then the claim should be re-entered and invoiced.

Previously billed Client Sessions can be accessed in Client Session by selecting the date of service in the calendar and then click on the yellow folder icon next to the Client Session:

The Client Session can also be accessed through the Account Activity by Client by selecting the client, clicking on the green $ icon, then clicking on the blue Client Session link: