Using My Clients Plus Homework

Using My Clients Plus Homework

This feature will allow you to create and assign homework to your clients. Homework encourages clients to stay engaged between sessions and empowers them in their recovery. 

How does it work?

-With a Wiley planner subscription and a Jituzu Client Portal subscription, a draft homework plan will automatically be created from the data saved in the Wiley treatment plan. Without a Wiley subscription, providers can manually create homework. 
-Once created, the provider can assign homework to the client’s portal account in Jituzu. 
-Clients are alerted that they have outstanding homework upon logging in to their portal.
-Updates to homework are saved in the client’s MCP account, so that providers can review progress.

Getting Started

To access Homework, select the client in the drop down box at the top of the screen and click on the pencil icon.  Click on the Homework button to begin:

 A box will pop up giving the option to select either New Custom Homework or New Wiley Homework.

New Wiley Homework:

To add Wiley Homework, click on New Wiley Homework in the pop up box.  Wiley Homework must be associated with a Wiley Treatment Plan that has already been created.  The drop down box will populate with the most recent Wiley Treatment Plan that has been created.  If you need to select a previous treatment plan, click on the drop down box and select the appropriate treatment plan.  Click on Create a Homework Plan.

The next screen you will see is the Wiley Homework Wizard.  Select the desired homework options and click Next.

Once you click Next, there are some options:

  • Click Previous if you would like to change your selections
  • Add a custom name to the homework
  • Click "Create Homework Plan".

Once the "Create Homework Plan" button is clicked, a message will pop up "Client homework plan created successfully".  To access the homework plan, click on the Homework button or the date of the most recent homework plan.

From this screen, a Homework Assignment:

  • Can be renamed
  • Add or remove Homework or Goals
  • Add a provider note
  • Assign Homework to the Client
  • Delete Homework

After Homework is assigned to the client, the provider will see an option to "Click to Unassign Homework".

Custom Homework:

Custom Homework may be used when there is not a Wiley Treatment Planner subscription or if a custom homework template is desired.

Click on the Homework button and then select New Custom Homework.

Clicking on the New Custom Homework option will create a new homework template.  Click on the date next to the Homework tab to access and add homework.

From this screen:

  • Add a custom Plan Name if desired
  • Click on "+ Add Homework" to add a homework assignment
  • Click on "+ Add a Goal" to add goals for the homework assignment

Once completed, click Save.  When ready to assign to the client through the Jituzu Client Portal, click on "Click to Assign Homework to Client".

From the Client Side:

The client will get a Jituzu inbox message letting them know they have a homework assignment once it has been assigned by the provider.  The Jituzu Client Portal will automatically email the client that they have a new Jituzu Inbox message as long as the client has an email address associated with their Jituzu Client Portal account. 

Once the client logs into their Client Portal account, the Client Portal will have a new tab for Assignment.

The client clicks on Assignment to begin their homework.  Any assigned homework will be listed.

Click on the Homework to begin. The client can change the Homework status to indicate if they are completed with an assignment or if they are In Progress as well as add any responses to the Goals.

When the client enters their responses in the homework assignment and clicks save, the provider can see those responses in their account in the homework assignment.

Once the client has completed their homework assignment, they can mark it as Complete and send an Inbox message in Jituzu letting the provider know it is completed.