Managing Your Subscriptions

Managing Your Subscriptions

In My Clients Plus, your subscriptions are managed within My Payment Info and then Payment & Subscriptions.  

From this screen, you can:

  • Add or change a payment method
  • Add, remove or edit your electronic billing subscription level
  • Switch to Annual Billing
  • Add or cancel a subscription to the Wiley Treatment Planner

Adding Payment

  • To add or edit a payment method in My Clients Plus, click on My Payment Info on the blue menu bar.
  • Click on Payments & Subscriptions, then enter your name, billing address.
  • Click the "Enter of Update Credit Card Info" to display the card number, CVV, and Expiration Date fields. 
  • Click "Subscribe" or "Update Billing and Credit Card Information" in blue at the bottom when complete to update your payment information.

When you are updating a payment method, the new payment method will take affect on the next billing date for the account.

For group practices, we offer the option to copy a payment method to multiple accounts when logged in with your master username. 

  • Enter your payment method information.
  • Click Copy Payment Profile to Other Providers.

Select all of the providers you wish to have under the same payment method, then click Include These. When this is complete, click Save Changes on the Payments & Subscription screen.

NOTE:  If you are a group and you have previously had a group payment profile and you need to update your payment method, we recommend that you create a NEW payment profile.

Electronic Billing

If you are interested in electronically billing insurance companies from within your My Clients Plus account, your trial account will automatically have electronic billing enabled.  We recommend you visit Manage Your Subscriptions to select the appropriate electronic billing plan to meet your needs. 

  • To access your Electronic Billing subscription, click on My Payment Info on the blue menu bar.
  • Click on Payments & Subscriptions and then Manage Your Subscriptions. 

  • Select Electronic Billing next to Electronic Billing, then select the plan that best suits your needs. Click Save when completed.

You can adjust your Electronic Billing plan on this screen at any point in time and it will take effect on your next billing date.

If you would like to turn Electronic Billing off, you would return to this screen, then select "No thanks, just basic service" next to Electronic Billing, then click Save. 

Annual Billing

We offer a 15.0% discount to the base rate for providers who choose to pay for their accounts annually in My Clients Plus. If you use Electronic Billing, it will continue to bill monthly.

  • To sign up for Annual Billing, click on My Payment Info on the blue menu bar.
  • Click on Payments & Subscriptions and then click the green button "Save 15.0% - Switch to Annual Billing". If you are in a group practice, you will also see the following message. It is important that you notify us when you switch to annual billing as we will need to manually apply any group discounts that are applicable for your account.If you would like to turn off Annual Billing, simply return to this screen and click on the green button "Switch to Monthly Billing". 

Again, if you are in a group practice, please let us know when you do this so we can apply any group discount that is applicable to your account. 

Wiley Treatment Planner

Wiley Treatment Planners will save you countless hours of typing and allow you to provide better care for your clients or patients.  The Wiley Treatment Planner intuitive wizard will guide you through creating a treatment plan.

  • To sign up for the Wiley Treatment Planner Subscription, click on My Payment Info on the blue menu bar.
  • Click on Payments & Subscriptions and then Manage Your Subscriptions to add the actual subscription. 

Click on the "+ Add New Wiley Subscription" icon to add any usernames you wish to subscribe and then click the green Subscribe. Click Close when completed.

For more information on using the Wiley Treatment Planner, please visit the Wiley Treatment Planner article below.

Wiley Treatment Planner

To cancel your Wiley Treatment Planner subscription, you would return to this screen, then click on the subscribed username and click the red Unsubscribe button that will appear. For a complete walk through, please visit the below article. 

How To Cancel a Wiley Treatment Planner Subscription