Client Adjustments and Write-Offs

Client Adjustments and Write-offs

If you need to write-off a client balance, partially or in full, you can do so in Payments Received and Adjustments. 

  • Go to Payments Receive and Adjustments under Daily Activity.
  • Click on Enter a New Item. 

  • Select From Client in the first drop down, then select the client you wish to work with in the second drop down.

  • Enter the date for which you wish to apply the write-off(s) in the Check Date field.
  • Enter a Reference describing briefly what you are posting. 
  • If the client is not making a payment at this time, enter 0.00 for the Total Amount of Check or Payment. If they are making a payment at this time, enter the amount they are paying in total.
  • Click the hand next to the item you wish to apply a write-off to.

  • Enter the amount you are writing-off in the Write Off column. 
  • If you are carrying forward any portion of the client balance, enter the amount you wish to still charge the client in the Carry Forward column. The Net Amount Paid column should reflect what the client is paying at this time for the selected session.
  • Click Apply Payment when you are done.

If you have multiple dates you wish to adjust or  write-off, and the client is not paying at this time, click Close when you see the "Nice job!" window to continue working on the clients balances.

  • When you are all done posting the adjustments or write-off's for your client, click "Update Account Balances" to finalize the posting. 

Note, you will only have the option to "Update Account Balances" when your Remaining Amount to Apply has reached 0.00. 

  • If you carried forward any balance for your client, you will now need to go to Invoice Clients and Insurance under Daily Activity, and generate their new invoices.