Using Session Counting

Using Session Counting

If you need to count a clients sessions for authorizations or EAP purposes, there is a feature in the Client Setup called Session Counting that will allow you to do this. When Session Counting is enabled, you will see the number of remaining sessions for the client on each Client Session as you enter them to better help you track the clients covered sessions. 

Setting Up Session Counting

To set up your Session Counting for a Client, you will need to do the following. 

  • Select the client in the client drop down at the top of the screen, then click the first green icon next to the drop down.

  • Click on the green Enter or View Tracking Info button next to Session Counting at the bottom of the Primary Insurance information.

  • You can select to track either Sessions or Units, depending on what you are billing. 
  • Enter the beginning and ending date range to track for. 
  • Select what billing code you would like to track. Note, you can also select "Count Any Session" and this will count all billing codes used, excluding those listed at the bottom of the screen. If you need to count any of the codes listed at the bottom, you will want to select those codes specifically to count. 
  • Enter the allowed number of sessions you have with the client. 
  • If there is an authorization code, you can enter this, as well. If not, you can leave this blank. 
  • Click Save at the bottom. Then Save the Client Setup.

After you have saved the Client Setup, when you return, you will see a line with the counting information at the bottom of the clients insurance information.

Using Session Counting

You will also be able to see the counting information highlighted in yellow at the top of each Client Session screen when you are adding Client Sessions for the client, so you can easily see how many sessions you have with that client. 

  • Note, if there is an authorization number for this counting, you will want to click on Referring Prov & Prior Auth and enter the authorization number into Prior Auth Number. If it is not entered here, it will NOT be entered on the claim to insurance. Once you have done this and saved the session, it will be stored so you can use it on future sessions until the count is depleted or expired. Once it is no longer an active authorization, you will need to remove it or edit it with an updated authorization.


If you would like to review all Session Counting for all clients, we've made a report specifically for this. 

  • Click on Reports in  your menu panel.
  • Go to Misc. Reports.
  • Select Authorized Insurance Sessions.