Setting up a Group Practice in My Clients Plus

Setting up a Group Practice in My Clients Plus

My Clients Plus – Account Setup and Master Username

  • Start a Free Trial for each provider through the link on our website at:
  • Once all of the accounts are created with their usernames and passwords, log into one of the accounts.
  • Click on Account Access and then Allow Account Access (Add Another User to my Account). Enter a username and password and click Add Username. This new username will become your master username.
  • Log out of the provider username and INTO the new master username and password. You will still be in the provider account, but it is the username that is important.
  • Click on Account Access and then Access Other Accounts (Join Another Account to my Username). Enter the username and password for each of the provider accounts that you would like to link to the master username. Click Find Account and then Join Account.  
Once this part is completed, you will be able to log into the master username and click on the Provider drop down menu located at the top of the screen. The menu will display the provider accounts that are joined to your master username.
You can also click on Account Access and then Username Privileges. This will allow you to set the access level of all usernames to a particular provider account. Click on the Plus (+) sign, and you can choose Full Access, View Only or No Access if there are portions of the system where you would like to restrict access. You may also delete unused usernames.
Master Files for Group Setup
If there are diagnosis codes, billing codes or insurance payers that you would like to add to multiple provider accounts, you may start by entering the information in one account. When you are logged into your master username, you can choose any provider account and click on Copy Codes to Another Account. Choose the provider account that you entered the information into as the “Copy From” account and choose the account you wish to copy the information to as the “Copy To” account in the drop down boxes. Choose the files you would like to copy and click “Continue”. Select the files and click Copy Now.   
Group Rates

We offer group rates for Group Practices and Billing Services. You can find more information about our rates here:

We ask that you notify us if you are a group practice (bill under the same TIN) so we can adjust the base rate for your accounts. We manually adjust the rates on the accounts, as our system does not distinguish between individual and group accounts.  You will need to enter payment on each account, however you can use the same Credit Card to pay for them all. 

Each Provider in the practice will need to be signed up for a Free Trial on our Home page at . We ask that you email us the following information so we can set up your group:

  • Practice name
  • Providers name and if they bill electronically
  • Account ID number found on Practice Set-up

Any time you add a new provider we ask that you email us BEFORE the Free Trial ends, so we make sure the pricing is correct before you enter any payment on the account.

You can cancel or add any providers at any time, we just ask that it is done in writing.