How does Video Conferencing/Telehealth Work?

How does Video Conferencing Work?

Video conferencing is a feature in Jituzu that enables you to work from anywhere, and to meet with your client when you can’t get together for a face to face appointment.

Jituzu Video Conferencing is a part of the Client Portal Subscription.

  • The provider must have a Jituzu Client Portal subscription
  • The client must have a Client Portal account

Once an appointment has been scheduled on the provider calendar (either by the provider adding the appointment or the client scheduling from the client portal), the provider can mark the appointment as a videoconference.

When an appointment is marked as a videoconference, a camera icon will show on the appointment on the calendar.

To begin a video conference, the provider will simply click on Video Conference.  A box will pop up where they can click to Join the appropriate appointment.

Once the provider and the client are both connected to the videoconference they will be able to see and hear each other.

After a videoconference has been completed, the videoconference list will mark the Status as Attended.

Videoconferencing is only available on the Chrome or Firefox browser.  The popups will need to be enabled on the browser (not blocked).   Providers must be logged into their accounts on an internet browser to do a video conference or on an iOs device (videoconferencing is not available on an Android device at this time). Clients can use the Jituzu mobile app for either Android or iOs on a mobile device, on an internet browser on a computer to access their accounts and the videoconferencing.  

To learn how to use video conferencing watch the video:  Videoconferencing

If you are ready to set up your Client Portal and Teleconferencing subscription, this is how you can get started:  Getting Started with Client Portal and Telehealth