Import your Appointments as Client Sessions

How to import your Appointments from your Jituzu Calendar as Client Sessions and how to use Service Codes

My Clients Plus and Jituzu make it convenient for you to convert your Jituzu Client Appointments directly into Client Sessions in My Clients Plus.  

Service Codes

Service codes are a visual indicator on an appointment in the Jituzu Calendar.  If you use both My Clients Plus and Jituzu, you can also use these Service Codes to associate Billing Codes to the appointment for use with My Clients Plus.  When you use Service Codes (that have been associate with Billing Codes) on your client appointments, you can create Client Sessions using those Billing Codes.  However, if you choose not to use Service Codes, you can still import the appointment, but the Billing Code will default to whatever you saved last in Client Sessions for that client.

Here is an example of a calendar that has their Service Codes set up and associated with appointments:

For detailed instructions on how to set up your Service Codes, please visit this article in our Jituzu Knowledge Base:

Setting Up Your Service Codes

Once you have set up your Service Codes, you can add that code to your Jituzu Calendar Appointments:

Import Calendar Appointments

So you have created your Jituzu Service Codes, associated a Billing Code to them and added them to your Jituzu Calendar appointments. Now you are ready to import your appointments to My Clients Plus:

  • Click on Client Session under Daily Activity.   
  • Click on Import Calendar Appointments

A Jituzu Send to Billing screen will pop up over your My Clients Plus screen.  This screen will display any billable Jituzu appointments for the current month that are not flagged as already billed on your Jituzu Calendar.  

  • If you would like to look at a different date range, you may adjust it in the date range box.
  • To select all appointments in the list, click on the box at the top next to Appointment Types or you may select appointments individually.
  • Click on Send to Billing to create Client Session from the Jituzu Calendar Appointments.

Once the screen has processed, you will get a response letting you know the Client Sessions have been created:

The Client Sessions will appear in Invoice Clients and Insurance ready to bill:

  • To access Invoice Clients and Insurance click in the menu bar on the left under Daily Activity.
  • If you would like to make any edits to the Client Sessions, click on the edit icon on the right.
  • To bill these claims, either click Select All button or check the box next to the claims you wish to invoice.
  • Click on Generate Invoices and Insurance Forms.

Once an appointment has been imported as a Client Session, there will be a black lock icon in the Jituzu Calendar letting you know it has been imported: