Adjusting Printer Alignment for Pre-Printed Claims

How to Set Up Your Printer for Pre-Printed Forms

For those providers who wish to submit claims on paper, some insurance companies require paper claims to be submitted on special, pre-printed CMS-1500's. Typically these companies are using an optical scanner to scan paper claims as they come in and the pre-printed CMS-1500's use a special drop-away ink that works with these optical scanners; your normal office printer would not be able to use this kind of ink. 

If you are submitting claims to an insurance company that requires you to use the pre-printed claim forms, you may need to make some settings adjustments in your account to align the data on the pre-printed forms. 

You can find the print settings in your Practice Setup at the bottom. 

  • Create a dummy session and generate an invoice each time you want to test print alignment.
  • Print Scaling controls the spacing between the lines. We recommend you set and make sure this value is correct before you move on to any other settings. Scaling works much like the zoom on a camera. A number greater than 100 will increase the spacing between the lines. A number less than 100 will decrease the space between the lines.
  • Use Horizontal to move the page side to side. A value like .4 will move the page about 1/8th inch to the right.
  • Use Vertical to move data up and down. To move down, use a number less than 0, like -1.0 (one line).