Using Add-on Codes

Using Add-on Codes

From time to time, you may need to bill an Add-on Code or additional procedure codes to an insurance company for a client. We make this an easy task in My Clients Plus by incorporating it directly into your Client Sessions screen.

To get started using Add-on Codes, just follow these simple steps:

1) Select your client in the client drop down menu on the top navigation bar.

2) Select Daily Activity on the main menu on the left, then select Client Sessions.  Choose the date of service for your client, then click on "Add a New Session".

3) Enter your session information with the primary billing/procedure code as normal.

4) When you're ready to save the session, click on Create Add-on Codes at the bottom, rather than Save. 

5) Select up to 4 Add-on Codes, and enter the number of units, charge, session length, and/or change/copy additional diagnosis codes. When you're done, click Save. 

Note, when you save a session using Add-on Codes, you will see a session listing for EACH code used. In the example below, we used 1 main code and 1 Add-on Code, so we have 2 sessions listed for this client's date of service.

6) Once you are done entering all of your session information and are ready to bill, you will need to select ALL codes for that date of service on the Invoice Clients and Insurance screen, then click Generate Invoices and Insurance Forms to submit them ALL on the same claim form, either electronically or on paper. 

Once generated, your claim form should list the codes similar to this: