FAQ - So you have enrolled to update EDI and ERA for Apex, now what?

FAQ - Apex EDI and ERA enrollment

I completed the Pre-Enrollment form, how will I know if Apex has received it?  

If you got to the “Thank You” page, then Apex clearinghouse has received your request.   If the payers you selected required enrollment, you will start receiving emails from support@madakethealth.com with instructions on how to complete your forms.  These emails will typically come within 10 days.  Not all payer enrollments will require the provider to receive a packet from Madaket. 

How long will it take to get forms from Apex EDI?

Depending on the insurance companies you are enrolling with, you will see forms within 7-10 days after your initial submission.  

Once I fill out the forms, how long will it take for my enrollment to be approved?

Enrollment times can vary depending on the insurance company.  Some online applications have an immediate approval time, others can take longer than 45 days.  

What do I do if my enrollment rejects?

If you have received a notice that your enrollment has rejected, you will want to submit an enrollment correction through the Apex Payer Enrollment button in your account. 

How will I know if my enrollment accepts?

You will receive a notice via email from the insurance company or My Clients Plus letting you know it is approved.

How will I know my enrollment rejects?

You will receive a notice from My Clients Plus letting you know that your form rejected and why. You can update your enrollment information to make the correction directly in the enrollment request form in your account.

Do Office Ally ERA Transfer Letters need to be printed on company letterhead?

If you received a letter template from Madaket asking you to complete a letter to move ERAs from your old Office Ally account to the Apex Office Ally account, please complete the form, print on paper that includes your office letterhead and sign the form.  Please return the form per the instructions to Madaket.