Office Ally Surcharge and Non Par Payer Updates

Office Ally Surcharge and Non Par Payer Updates

On February 1st, 2019, Office Ally began charging all EHR customers who submit claims through Office Ally, $35 per month, per rendering NPI/TIN, for submitting 50% or more of their monthly claims to non-participating payers.

Non-Par or Non-participating means that the payer does not pay the clearinghouse to submit claims to payer.

Par or Participating means that the payer does pay the clearinghouse when they submit claims to the payer.

To see if you would be subject to the $35 monthly surcharge, we suggest checking your Electronic Claims Activity. You can check your historical claims submission through the Electronic Claims Activity Report located in your account in the MCP 2.0 Home screen. This report will show you if your payers are Non-Participating or not and if you typically submit 50% or more of your claims to Non-Participating Payers.

If you started with My Clients Plus on 2/1/19 or later, you are already set up with Apex EDI clearinghouse and do not need to be concerned with Par or Non Par payers.

Changes to the Participating and Non-Participating Payers at Office Ally

On July 1, 2019, Office Ally is moving the following payers from Participating to Non Participating payers on their payer list.  Because these payers are moving to Non-Participating payers, this could affect whether you incur the $35/month Office Ally surcharge in August for claims submitted in July.

My Clients Plus has partnered with Apex EDI Clearinghouse in response to these new monthly fees and ever growing list of new non-par payers. Please click here to learn how you can enroll.