Electronically Signing a Progress Note

Adding an Electronic Signature to a Progress Note

Progress Notes may be electronically signed once they are completed. If needed, once the provider has signed and locked the note, the patient or guardian may also sign and lock the note. 

You may use your computer mouse or if on a mobile device, a stylus or even your finger, to sign. 

When the provider signature is added, it will remain in the system for future use and can be cleared and re-entered whenever needed by clicking on "Clear Signature". Patient or Guardian Signatures will never be stored and must be signed each time it is needed. 

Hint: If you are signing with a touch pad on a laptop, the touch pad will function like a mouse. That said, different computers have different styles of touch pads, and so there are different methods that can be used. 

  • If your touch pad has 2 buttons at the bottom to left or right click with, you will want to press and hold the left button with one finger and sign with another finger.
  • If your touch pad itself acts as a single button (pressing on the left side is a left click, the right side is a right click) then you can simply press (firmly) and sign with one finger. Remember to press through your entire signature. 

For the patient or guardian to sign, the note must first be signed by the provider. As soon as this is complete, there will be an option to add a Patient or Guardian Signature.

Electronic signatures will be viewable on the Progress Note Preview screen, as well as the printed note.