Electronic Signature (e-sig) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Electronic Signature work on PC/Mac and mobile devices?

Yes! You can use e-sig on your computer with your mouse, or on a tablet with your finger or a stylus.

Can I use an e-signature pad plugged in to my computer?

No, the e-sig in My Clients Plus is designed specifically for our Progress Notes, a signature would not be configured the same to work with the Progress Notes Sign and Lock. 

Is my signature stored in a file? Can I update it if I need to?

Yes! When you electronically sign a note, your signature will be stored for future use. You can also click on the Save icon on the left of the e-sig window to download a copy of your stored signature. If you would like to update your signature at any time, just click on Clear Signature on the e-sig window and re-sign. 

I cleared my signature but I didn't mean to!

No problem! If you accidentally clear your signature, you can click on Revert Changes on the e-sig window. Note, if you clear the signature, then sign again and click Sign and Lock, this sets the changes and they cannot be reverted at this point. 

Do you store my patient/guardian signatures?

No. Patient/Guardian Signatures are never stored and must be obtained each time a patient/guardian signature is needed.

Can't I just type in my name instead of using the e-sig?

At this time, no. MCP 2.0 currently only supports one signature type.

My signature doesn't look good, what do I do?

Everyone's comfort level with e-sig is different, as are all systems. Some helpful tips we recommend are:

  • Take it slow, remember, this is not the same as signing on a piece of paper. 
  • Make sure when you are creating your e-sig you use smooth, controlled movements. If you are on a PC or Mac, hold your mouse button down. 
  • If you would like, you can use a mobile device like a tablet to sign. Some people find using their finger or a stylus to be more comfortable for signing than using a mouse. 
HELP! I clicked Sign and Lock and I can't sign!

There could be a couple of things happening. 

  • If you are on an iPad, you will want to make sure you are not zoomed in at all. In order to use the e-sig feature, your screen on your iPad must be fully zoomed out. 
  • If you are on a PC or Mac, make sure you are pressing your mouse button while creating the signature. 
Where can I see my or my patient/guardian signature after a note is signed?

When you preview or print a note, you will have a notation in the header at the top that the note was digitally signed, and if it was a provider, patient, or both, along with the date and time of the signature for the provider signature. The signature(s) itself will display on the bottom of the note. If an addendum is added, the addendum will be listed below the signature. 

Note: pop ups are required to view previews or print views for Progress Notes. 

Can I have my name displayed on the signature?

In the header of the Progress Notes, you can have your name and credentials, if desired, displayed by adding these to Username Preferences (located under Account Access). If there is nothing listed in Username Preferences, then only the date and time will display in the header on the Progress Note. In the e-sig located at the bottom of the note, no, a printed name is not available here. 

Can I upload my own signature?

At this time, no. We are always open to feedback, however.

Can I sign using a touch pad on my laptop or keyboard?

Yes! The touch pad will function like a mouse. That said, different computers have different styles of touch pads, and so there are different methods that can be used. 

  • If your touch pad has 2 buttons at the bottom to left or right click with, you will want to press and hold the left button with one finger and sign with another finger, 
  • If your touch pad itself acts as a single button (pressing on the left side is a left click, the right side is a right click) then you can simply press and sign with one finger. Remember to press through your entire signature.