Setting up a Jituzu Merchant Account

Setting up a Jituzu Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are set up through Jituzu.  Credit card charges can be made directly from Jituzu, or if you also have a My Clients Plus account that is synchronized to your Jituzu account, you can run credit card transactions from My Clients Plus.

To set up a Jituzu Merchant Account, go to My Account and then "Set up Credit Card Payments".  Click on New Merchant Account Application to begin.

There will be a 2 page document for you to complete and submit.   Once you have completed the first page, click Next:

Complete Page 2 and click Submit:

 You may be asked to provide up to 4 Beneficial Owners, if any, in order to proceed with your application. If this does NOT apply to you, you may click the the "Click to continue if this does not apply" button; otherwise, if it does apply, please complete the requested fields and click Save and Continue at the bottom.

Once you have submitted your New Merchant Account Application, please wait for the next page prompt.  We just need a little verification from you.

Your Merchant Account Application will be processed by the Merchant Team.  We will reach out to you if any additional information or clarification is needed. 

You may also check your application status by coming back to the Setup Credit Card Payments screen and clicking on Manage Credit Card Payments in Jituzu.

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