How to Void or Refund a Credit Card Charge

How to Void or Refund a Credit Card Charge with a Vantage Merchant Account

Voiding or refunding a client credit card charge is a simple process.  To refund or void a client credit card charge, simply go to Jituzu Client.  All credit card charges will be displayed on the right of the screen with a red 'X' next to them.  Simply click on the red 'X' to void or refund.

 It is considered a void if the red 'X' is clicked on BEFORE 5pm Eastern time of the day the charge was made and a refund if the red 'X' is clicked on AFTER 5pm Eastern time the day the charge is made.

When the red 'X' is clicked, a box will pop up asking you to confirm.  Once you confirm you wish to void or refund the charge, the charge will be removed from the list of client charges.

You will be able to see the transaction on the Merchant Account Activity or in the Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report.

 NOTE:  You may be responsible for paying the fees associated with the original transaction for a refund, however there are no additional fees for voids.