Switching to Vantage Credit Card Processing

Switching your current credit card processor to Vantage comes with several advantages:

  • More comprehensive In-App reporting -- More in depth reporting allows you to take a closer look at your transactions and deposits, allowing you more control.
  • Faster Payment -- Often if charges are run prior 5:00 PM Eastern time, you will have your payment the following business day. Charges run 5:00 PM Eastern time, will have deposits within 2 business days. 
  • No Monthly or per deposit charge -- Best of all, you do not get any charges outside of your normal transaction fees! 

Welcome to Vantage credit card processing! Below you will find the steps necessary to make the transition:

1.  Sign up for a Merchant Account with Vantage from your Jituzu Account:  

To set up a Vantage Merchant Account, go to My Account and then "Manage Credit Card Transactions".  Click on New Merchant Account Application to begin.

2.  Enter NEW payment methods for your clients:  

  • You can enter new payment methods much the same as you do currently with your current credit card processor in Jituzu. 
  • For instructions on how to enter a payment method, please visit: Processing Client Credit Cards

3.  Delete the OLD payment method from the client record using the below method:

  • When entering a new charge either through Jituzu Client or MCP Pay Now, Balances Due You, or Payments Received and Adjustments, enter the amount you would like to charge, then select Saved Payment Method.
  • You will see a list of stored payment methods, select the one to remove, then click the red delete button on the right.  You want to delete any cards saved under your old credit card processor. 
  • Note you do not need to run the charge at this time, if you do not wish to. Simply opening the charge window will allow you to access the stored cards for deletion.

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