Instructions for Telehealth Setup in Jituzu

In Jituzu, we offer HIPAA compliant Videoconferencing as a feature of the Client Portal.   These are streamlined instructions with a focus on the Telehealth portion of the Client Portal subscription.

The monthly fee for the Client Portal is $14.95, per provider, for unlimited clients and appointments. 

If you would like to subscribe to the Client Portal, please click on this link: Managing Your Jituzu Subscriptions


Please click on Settings at the top of the page, and then on your practice name under Joined With.   Choose the provider on the right side and click on the Portal tab.

If you only want to conduct videoconferences, and you don’t want your clients to self-schedule or cancel appointments online:

  1. Mark “Clients can cancel appointments” as Never.
  2. Remove the checkmark from “Allow clients to self-schedule”.
  3. Click Save.

Your clients will still have the ability to use the HIPAA compliant messaging and see their appointments, but they will not be able to self-schedule or cancel appointments.

To invite your clients to the Client Portal:

  1. Click on Clients (or Patients) at the top of the page, choose the client.   
  2. Click "Invite to Client Portal" in the top left corner and then click Ok. 
  3. **If you need to add the client’s cell phone number or email address, you can click on the Contact tab (below) and add it and then click Save. Then, you can invite them to the Portal.

Once the client is connected to the Client Portal, you'll be able to schedule an appointment for them on the calendar and mark it as a videoconference by selecting Other Options in the Enter Appointment screen, and checking the box next to “This appointment is a videoconference”.  

How to do a Videoconference:

Providers must be logged into a computer on an internet browser to do a videoconference or on an iOs device (videoconferencing is not available on an Android device at this time). Clients can use an iPad, phone or a computer to access their accounts and the videoconferencing. The videoconference feature works on the Chrome and on Firefox browsers (only). And the popups will need to be enabled on the browser (not blocked).

We highly encourage clients to use the Jituzu mobile app (rather than a browser) if possible.

Videoconference from a mobile device – Clients

  • Download Jituzu from the app store (iOs or Android).
  • Click on the appointment on the calendar
  • On the right side of the appointment detail, you will see a green camera icon.  Click on this icon.
  • You will see a picture of yourself and Connect in the lower right corner (or a blue camera icon in the lower left corner).  Click on this.
  • When your healthcare provider connects also, you will see their picture.
  • You can Mute yourself by clicking on the mic icon in the center bottom of the video, and you can disconnect by clicking the X in the top left corner above your video.

Videoconference from a browser - Clients

Videoconference - Provider