Setting up your Madaket Provider Portal and Requesting Payer Enrollments

Setting up your account and logging in

The recommended browser for use with the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal is Chrome.

Starting the account setup

To start your account setup, log into your My Clients Plus account and go to Code Setup > Insurance Companies.  You will have an option to start the pre-enrollment process there.

Once you have made your request, this will go to Apex EDI and Madaket.  Madaket will send you an invitation via email to set up your Madaket Provider Portal within 24 hours.

Setting up your account

  • When you are added as a user to the Madaket portal, you will receive a welcome email from support This will include a link to activate your Provider Portal account. 

  • To activate your account, click on ‘Activate Account’. You will be prompted to reset your password. Once your password is reset, you can log into the system. 
  • You can access Provider Portal by navigating to the website below and logging in with the credentials you set up previously. URL:

Resetting Your Password

If at any time you need to reset your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the bottom-right corner of the sign in page. You will be prompted to enter the email address that your account is under. An email will be sent to you from Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Requesting an enrollment 

Enrollments can be requested directly in the portal. To start, log into your profile and follow the below steps: 
  • If you are a group practice or a sole provider, when you log in, you will be taken to the homepage under the ‘Enrollment Dashboard’. Click on the tab that says ‘Aggregated NPI View’. This will list the Tax ID, NPI, and location information that is currently on your account. Verify that this is correct. 
  • If the Practice information is correct, then you are ready to start enrollments.  

Click on  ‘Enrollment Wizard’.  

Add NPI:

You will be dropped into the tab for Add NPIs.  Your Madaket account will already be pre-loaded with your practice information.  You will only use this tab if you bill any payers differently than your pre-loaded practice information.  Skip this section if you bill only under your pre-loaded credentials.

**Note: If you are a user for multiple sites (such as a billing service), you will first need to select your site ID from the site selector at the top of the screen.  New billing entities or practices should be added as a Site through the provider/practice MCP account.

Add NPIs: **Please note, this section is not required unless you do not already have your correct Billing NPI, TIN, and office information in the Portal. If you already have the correct Billing NPI, TIN, and office details in the system, please bypass this section by clicking ahead to the ‘Add Payers’ section of the wizard. 

Add Payers:  

 You will need to add any payers that you wish to enroll with under the ‘Add Payers’ section. 

There are two options for selecting payers:

  1. Search for Payer - you can type either the name or the Apex EDI Payer ID number to select the appropriate payer
  2. Import Payer List - you can enter the Apex EDI Payer ID numbers separated by a comma or a space

You will have the option to search for a payer using the payer name or the Apex payer ID under the ‘Search for Payer’ tab.  

Option 1:

Option 2: 
Adding your payer list under Import Payer List.  If you use this method, you must use the payer ID numbers from the Apex EDI Payer list if you choose this option:  Apex EDI Payer List
Click Next when you have finished selecting payers 
Associate Payers to your Practice:
  • Under the first payer you selected, you will see your Practice listed.
  • Click on the appropriate practice.  If there is a blank for a Legacy ID, enter the appropriate PTAN or provider ID as required by the payer.
  • Click Save.
  • Continue to associate the appropriate practice with each payer and save after each one.

Once you have completed associating your practice with each payer, you can move on to confirm enrollment.

Confirm Enrollment: 

This is the last step to start your enrollment request. 

  • To start an enrollment request, simply click on the entity (practice or provider) that you wish to enroll, and a chart will appear with a row for each available payer. You will see columns for any transaction types that you are able to enroll, either EDI or ERA. 
  • If the EDI column says N/A, then it means that payer does not require EDI enrollment and you can begin billing with that payer any time.  You do not need to wait for the ERA enrollment to be approved to submit claims.
  • Any enrollment that is available to be requested with have a check box available to select. Select the box for any applicable payers and transaction types you wish to enroll and click the green ‘Enroll’ button once ready. 

This will start the enrollment request in the Madaket system. If the request was submitted successfully, you will be taken back to the Enrollment Dashboard, and you will see a date appear in the row and column for the payer and enrollment type you requested. **Note: If a payer requires a provider ID, PTAN, or other legacy ID, and it was not entered previously, this must be entered before submitting enrollment to avoid rejections. 

Please remember that this will start your enrollment request, however you will need to log back into Madaket to check your work queue often to ensure all paperwork is signed or completed within a timely manner. Forms that require steps from you will not be enrolled at the payer until these actions are completed. Please see the instructions for how to check your work queue for further information or contact your representative if you have further questions. 

You have now started your enrollments, but remember, you will have work to do on these enrollments.  To see what comes next, please click on Work Queue and review instructions in Completing Your Madaket Work Queue.

Reminder emails will be sent by Madaket to the Enrollment Contact address on file when a new item is added to the  Work Queue.