How to Troubleshoot Madaket Portal Enrollments

Troubleshooting Madaket Enrollment 

An enrollment has been rejected, I have corrected the problem and I need to restart the enrollment:

If an enrollment has been rejected due incorrect data or some other issue, once you have corrected that issue in the Portal, you may go to the Enrollment Wizard and click on Confirm Enrollment.Click on Enrollment Wizard

  • Click on Confirm Enrollment
  • Click on the Billing Entity
  • Find the enrollment and put a check in the box.  The date will be in RED indicating it is rejected (enrollments in progress - orange and enrollments that are approved - green may not be restarted from this screen unless they are in rejected status).
  • Click on Enroll

An ERA enrollment has been approved, but I am not getting ERAs yet:

If an enrollment is showing approved and you need to restart it, please contact My Clients Plus Customer Support directly via and we can restart that enrollment for you.  Enrollments that are approved cannot be restarted via the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal.

Most payer ERAs will show up in your account within approximately 30 days after the enrollment approval.  Blue Cross Blue Shield can take 14 - 60 days to appear in your account after approval.  

If you are past these general timelines, please feel free to contact customer support at  You will be asked to supply the information for at least one check that is after the enrollment was approved, but between 7 and 30 days old.

Information needed to research any missing ERA:

  • Check number - this is not an EFT
  • Check date
  • Check amount

An Enrollment has wrong data, how do I fix it?

There can be two different sitations resulting in wrong data on an enrollment form:

  • Incorrect data in your Site ID information or with a Wrong data due to how their Site ID was set up
  • Wrong data due to mapping at Madaket

Please contact Customer Support to assist you in determining the best course of action at: