Madaket Provider Portal for Billing Services

Welcome as a user of the Madaket Provider Portal

As a biller, you should always initiate the very first enrollment request for your provider or practice from the My Clients Plus account in Code Setup > Insurance Companies for each sole provider or group practice.  

There are some important things that biller need to know:

  • Requesting the first enrollment request for a new group practice or sole providers will create a Site ID specifically for that practice.
  • Once you have made your very first request ever (using your email address, which becomes your username), Madaket will send you an email with a link to set up your Madaket account. 
  • You should use the same email address with each request to set up an account.  This will add each sole provider or practice as a separate Site ID in your Madaket Provider Portal within approximately 24 hours.  This will allow you to add each needed provider to the appropriate Site ID so they can Esign the appropriate documentation.
  • If you are a large billing service with multiple agents needing access, you can add billing agents or providers to the Site directly in the Madaket Provider Portal.  Their email address becomes their username.  If you add a billing agent to more than one site ID, they will be able to log in and see each Site ID (practice).


The Madaket Provider Portal account will give you access to do the following actions for each practice:

  • Request ERA and EDI Enrollments by sole provider or group practice (should be set up as separate Site IDs).
  • Have the provider Esign necessary documentation right in the Madaket Provider Portal as needed.
  • Access the forms directly in the Madaket Provider Portal.
  • Get updates on enrollment status.
  • Be prompted when there are actions that you or your providers need to take.


You should never add a profile for a provider to a different existing provider site ID.  You should always initiate the first enrollment request from the provider MCP account so they may be assigned their own Site ID.  This is necessary if you need to add the provider as a signer to the Site ID for their practice. 

Helpful Tips:

How to see your Site IDs associated with your username:

Simply click on Select next to the appropriate practice and then click on the appropriate task you wish to complete for that practice.

If you need to add an additional Billing Service employee to a Site ID:  When you are logged into the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal, click on Site Management.  Select the appropriate Site ID and click on Users.  Click on the Add Site User button and enter their first name, last name, email address (becomes their username) and phone number.  They will be sent a link from Madaket within about 10 minutes to set up their own password.

If your additional Billing Service employee already has a Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal username and password:  Simply add them as a user as they are above using their same email address (this is their username).  This will simply add the additional Site ID to their existing username.