Getting Started with ERA's

Getting Started with ERAs

ERA Auto Posting of Payments

To view your ERAs, simply click on the Electronic EOBs/ERAs menu item under Daily Activity or from the Home Page.

  • From the first drop-down box, choose whether you want to see All, Unread, Archived ERAs or Payment Adjusts.  Unread is the selection that will be used most frequently and is the default.
  • Choose the appropriate date range (the system defaults to about 4 months of history) and click “Go”.

Unread EOBs will be listed below with each color break being a different check. 

To view the Reason Code information, click on the + sign next to each DOS (Date of Service) to expand and display additional information. 

To post the payment, click on the "hand" icon next to each DOS.  

A pop up box pre-populated with the reason code amounts will be displayed in the appropriate boxes.

 There are a few things you need to do:

  • Verify the "Apply To Which Session" drop down box is the same DOS that is listed at the top of the pop up box. If you do not check or verify that the DOS are the same, you could post the payment to the wrong DOS. If they are different, click on the drop-down box and select the appropriate date.
  • Verify that the $ amounts in the boxes are what you want to post. If, for example, insurance didn't pay, you may need to change the Insurance Co Adjustments to a Client Responsibility such as Client Co Pay or Co-Insurance amount.
  • Click on Post ERA.
  • Once you have clicked on Post ERA, the pop-up box will close and you will see a green icon next to that DOS indicating that it was posted.

You can click on the "paper" icon next to the DOS and write a note if there is something you wish to remember about that DOS.

After a check has been posted, you may click on the BLUE "Archive EOB" button to move the check (EOB) from Unread to Archived.

Review or Print an ERA:

To view or print an entire ERA, click on the +All icon for the check. This will display all information for that ERA on a single page. Simply click Ctrl P (Cmmd P on a Mac) to bring up the print box so you can print the ERA. You may wish to print in landscape for ERAs.

To close the +All view, simply click on -All.

Research ERAs:

Select your search criteria:

  • In the top drop down-box "Type", you can select from Unread EOBs, All EOBs, Archived EOBs or Payment Adjusts.  Select the option that suits your search options (typically All EOBs if searching at the client or payer level). 
  • Select the appropriate date range.
  • Under "Show only where" select the search criteria (Client name, Payer name, Check number or ICN number) and enter the appropriate information in the "Contains" box.
  • Click Go
  • Results from the search will be displayed below.