Client Refunds

Client Refunds

When you need to refund a client for a credit amount on their account, you would: 

  • Click on Payments Received and Adjustments. 
  • Enter a New Item. 
  • Choose 'From Client'. 
  • Choose the Client. 
  • In the total amount box at the top, enter the amount of the Refund (it will be a negative amount) and then enter the refund check number and date. 
  • Enter a note in Reference "Refund of $x amount" 
  • Click on the hand next to the session to be refunded (should have a negative billed charge). If you are refunding only a portion, enter the portion that you are not refunding in the Carry Forward box.  

  • Click Apply Payment, this will take the client's account back to $0. 

  • Click Update Account Balances.

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