Wiley Treatment Planner

The Wiley Treatment Planner

The Wiley Treatment Planner will allow you to save time, and to write more efficient treatment Plans.

The Wiley Treatment Planner requires that a subscription be set up in My Payment Info and Payment & Subscriptions prior to use.  Once you click on Payment & Subscriptions, click on the green button that says View & Edit.    You may click on the + sign to select which usernames are subscribed for this option.  Click Subscribe and close the window.

To begin, select the client and go to Progress Notes by clicking on the green pencil icon.  Click on Wiley Treatment Planner button:

Select a Problem that supports the initial diagnosis and click Next:

Select the Behavioral Definitions and click Next:

Select the appropriate Goals and click Next: 

Select the appropriate Objectives for each Goal and click Next:

Select Interventions for each Objective and click Next:

Review the Wiley Treatment Plan.  If any changes need to be made, click Prev to go back and make changes.  Once it is completed to your satisfaction, click on Generate Treatment Plan.

Once  "Generate Treatment Plan" is clicked, you will see a temporary message while the Treatment Plan is being generated:

After the plan has been generated, you will be redirected back to Progress Notes where you can select the treatment plan and review it.  You may also add additional information in the header of the Treatment Plan such as:

  • Review time frame and date
  • Expected Length of Treatment
  • Treatment Modality
  • Initiation Date
  • Appointment Frequency
  • Referral for Additional Services

The following information may be edited up until the Treatment Plan is Signed and Locked:

  • Behavioral Definitions
  • Goals
  • Completion Dates and Status

To Sign and Lock a Wiley Treatment Plan, you would click Sign and Lock in the upper right, then using your mouse, touchpad, finger or stylus on a touchscreen device, you can sign the treatment plan electronically. 

This will automatically lock the treatment plan and no edits will be able to be made afterwards.