How to Use Tags in Reports

How to Use Tags in Reports

Tagging clients gives you a powerful way to slice-and-dice the information that’s included in various reports such as Practice Statistics, Clinician Payroll Report, Session Activity and others.  You can track revenue and activity for specific referral sources, types of clients, types of services, and whatever else you want to tag.
Tags are words or short phrases that you can associate with clients to help you describe or organize important characteristics in a customized way.
Tagging is a completely optional feature. You only need to use it if you want its benefits, and any tags you apply are for your use only and will not be visible to your clients or billing.

Tags may be added to client records through the Client Setup. 

Reporting that is facilitated by the use of tags:

  • Client List
  • Print Client Statements
  • Cash Posted by Date
  • Practice Facts and Statistics
  • Clinician Payroll Worksheet

Reporting that can be facilitated by the use of Tags will have a green Tag button in the upper right corner of the report selection criteria.

Click on the Tags button.  This will allow blue tags to be selected.  Multiple tags may be chosen for use in the report.

The drop down box defaults to "SHOW IF ANY of these tags are on the client".  If you wish to use different criteria, simply click on the drop down box and select the criteria you would like to use.

Once you have selected your Tag criteria, simply continue to pull your report.