Cash Posted by Date

Cash Posted by Date

Cash Posted by date is designed to reconcile a batch of cash posting with a deposit slip or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and can be used for clinician payroll where the clinician is paid a percentage of receipts.

To access Cash Posted by Date, click on Reports then Payment Reconciliation.  Click on Cash Posted by Date.

This report can be pulled by check date or by posted date, there is a group report option, can be sorted by Tags and can be downloaded into a CSV file.

Select by posting date - When the report is displayed by posting date, this will show all payments during the specified period by when they were posted to the account.

Note:  When using Select by posting date option for Payroll, we recommend you also check "Show paid at session on session date, rather than on posting date". If you use this option, then Client Session/Paid at session that is not yet posted will show the Paid at Session as the date of service.   

Select by check date - When the report is displayed by check date, it will show all payments within the specified period by the check date.