Billing a Previous Balance to the Client

Billing a Previous Balance to the Client

If you need to bill a client for a previous balance, we have added a “Previous Balance” billing code for you to use.  When you use this code, the session charge will be added to the client’s account, and will bypass insurance.

Setting Up the Previous Balance Billing Code

1) Click on Codes Setup, then Billing Codes. To view and edit the Previous Balance code, click on the link that says "click" next to "Previous Balance". 

2) On the Add/Edit Billing Code screen, enter the Session Length in minutes, the Charge, and the Description you would like to use by default for this code. If you need to tailor it per client later on, you can do so in the Client Session. Click Save when done.

Using the Previous Balance Billing Code

When you need to enter a Previous Balance for a client, you will add a new Client Session for the client.

1) Select your client in the Client drop down at the top, then under Daily Activity, select Client Sessions.  Select the date on the calendar that you would like to enter the Previous Balance for, then click Add a New Session.

2) Next to Billing Code, select Pvt Pay-Previous Balance from the Billing Code drop down menu. This will auto-populate the Session Length and Charge fields with the default settings from the Billing Code setup screen.  You can edit these settings for individual clients.  Remember to click Save or Save and Add Note at the bottom when you are done.

3) Under Daily Activity, select Invoice Clients and Insurance.  You will see the Previous Balance session for your client listed. Under Bill To, it will say "PvtPay-…”.  Verify the amount is correct, then select the session by putting a check in the box to the left of the client name and click Generate Invoices and Insurance Forms at the bottom.

Note, if this is a client that has insurance, you may see a red warning below the session notifying you to process this transaction before normal insurance transactions for this client. You should generate this session by itself, not with normal insurance billing. You can uncheck the check boxes to the left of the client name, or click Select All/Unselect All at the top and only check the items with the red warning.

4) Once the invoice is generated, you can print it by clicking on the link for the PDF.  You can also print a client statement at a later time in the client's Account Activity.