Understanding Credit Card Reporting

How to Understand Credit Card Reporting

With the Jituzu Merchant Account, there are three types of reporting that you can view:

  • Merchant Account Activity
  • Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report
  • Detailed Deposit Report

Merchant Account Activity

The Merchant Account Activity is accessed through Reports and then Merchant Account Activity.  There are a number of selection options that you can use to select the data for the reports:

  • Choose Practice - If you are connected to only one practice, the system will default to that practice
  • Payment Status - If you would like to view just one category of transactions
  • Choose Date - You may use a preset date option or select a Custom Date Range

You may also sort the data by clicking on the column headers or download the data into a CSV file by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Trans ID in the Merchant Account Activity correlates to the Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report and the Detailed Deposit Report.

Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report

The Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report gives the specific details on Settle Dates, Fees and Net Amounts.  This report may be sorted by header column and downloaded by clicking the Export button.


  • Trans Date - This is when the date that the transaction was created.
  • Settle Date - This is the date when the transaction was settled or "swept".
  • Gross Amt - This is the gross amount that was charged to the client.
  • Net Amt- This is the amount deposited in the bank account for this charge.  This is the gross amount less the fees.
  • Acct Details - This is the last 4 of the card holder card number

Detailed Deposit Report

The Detailed Deposit Report shows all the deposits and debits made to your bank account for the Jituzu Merchant Account.  This report can be pulled by whatever date range desired, sorted by clicking on the column headers and a Export can be done into a CSV file that is readable by Excel.


  • Trans # - This is the transaction number that flows throughout all the reports that identifies a particular transaction.
  • Fund Date - This is when the money is funded by the credit card processor and sent to your bank account.
  • Net Amt - This is the amount that is deposited in your bank.  It is the Gross Amt less the Fees.
  • Trans Type - This is the transaction type.  CC stands for Successful Charge.

Trans Type Definitions: