How to add a New Provider to an Existing Practice

If you are an existing practice, but you are expanding and adding additional providers, here is a helpful guide to getting everything set up the new provider accounts.

My Clients Plus:

  • Add a new account for the provider through our main website at (Under the Jituzu portion of the MCP setup, designate that this account is part of a group.  You will set up the Jituzu account later).
  • Email our customer support team so we can add that provider to your practice and adjust the rate to your group rate (you do not need to wait for a response from MCP before proceeding with the remaining steps).

If you use a Master Username, you may also join the new provider account to your master username:

  • Log into your master username
  • Go to any account and click on Account Access > Access Other Accounts
  • Enter the username and password for the new provider account.


  • Go to and click on Join Now
  • Click on "I'm a SERVICE PROVIDER and my business is already registered"
  • Complete the requested information and Submit.
  • In the next screen, search for the name of the practice and request to join.
  • The administrator of the practice in Jituzu will get a Jituzu Inbox message.  The Administrator should log in and click on the Inbox message and set the provider privilege levels.
Connect the Jituzu account to My Client Plus:
  • Log into the new provider Jituzu account OR the administrator may be logged in and synchronize the Provider Jituzu account to their MCP account.
  • Click on My Account > Manage Connections
  • Select My Clients Plus
  • Select the name of the practice and the provider
  • For Remote Username and Password, enter the username and password for the provider MCP account.
  • Click Synchronize with Remote System
  • On the next screen, click on the radio button next to the provider name.  Synchronize.

The new provider is now all set up and ready to go!