How to Accept a Credit Card Payment in My Clients Plus

My Clients Plus and Jituzu allows for the capability to accept credit card payments. This article provides steps on how to process a payment from My Clients Plus. 

Before you begin: Make sure you are enrolled for Credit Card Processing Setting up a Merchant Account

There are three ways to process credit card payments directly in My Clients Plus:

  • From the Client Session / Paid at Session
  • From the Balances Due You report 
  • From Payments Received and Adjustments

Client Session / Paid at Session

Whether you enter in sessions or import your appointments from Jituzu as Client Sessions, you can process credit card payments from the Client Session.

1. Enter payment amount in Paid at Session

2. Select Pay This

3. Select Pay Now

4. A pop up box will show - choose either Enter a New Payment Method or Saved Payment Methods

5. Choose to use a Saved Payment Method or to Enter Card Number or Swipe Card (swipe examples below)

6. Enter the zip code (required), email address to send the receipt of payment to, select if you would like to print a receipt and if you would like to keep the card on file

7. Click to Process Payment or Click to Add Card Without Charging (note, if you select this option, the card will be stored but no charges will be processed to the client)

8. After payment is complete Save the Client Session in My Clients Plus. 

Balances Due You Report

1. Select view option and Go

2. Under Private Pay from ClientsCheck the box to the left of the client balance you wish to charge

3. Select Charge to Client Credit Card

4. Pop up box will show with client name a payment amount- Click- Pay This

5Click Pay Now

6.  Choose to use a Saved Payment Method, or Enter New Payment Method to Enter Card Number or to Swipe

7.  Follow the on screen prompts, then enter the email address for the clients receipt if not already there and select if you would like to keep card on file.

8. Click to Process Payment

Once the payment has been processed: 

  • The Transaction approval authorization will be displayed
  • The payment will be posted to the client's My Clients Plus account
  • The client session will drop off of the Balances Due You report

Payments Received and Adjustments

In Payments Received and Adjustments, you can charge your clients directly from this screen.  

1.  Click Enter a New Item

2.  Select From Client under Payment Type

3.  Choose the Client Name

4.  Click Accept Credit Card Payment, enter the amount and click Go

5. Pop up box will show with client name a payment amount- Click- Pay This

6.  Click Pay Now

7.  Choose to use a Saved Payment method or to Swipe

8.  Click to Process Payment

Once you have processed the payment, you can complete posting that payment against the outstanding balances that your client has been invoiced for.

Here is a helpful article on Posting Client Payments:  Entering a Payment from a Client

You may run credit card transactions directly in your Jituzu account under Client, but you must manually record the payment in My Clients Plus.  

Card Reader Note:  

At this time, we do not have any specifically recommended card reader, but you can purchase a USB "3 Tracks Magnetic Credit Card Reader Stripe Swipe Magstripe Scanner" at any store that carries such devices. With a new Mac there is no USB port, so you would need to use a USB adapter for now.