How to Resubmit Electronic Claims

Electronic Claims Resubmission

Electronic Claims can be resubmitted through the Balances Due You report by clicking on the electronic billing status icon next to a claim.

If the claim was rejected, there will be a red icon next to it.  If it was accepted by the payer, it will have a green icon.

Once the claim has been resubmitted, the icon will change back to a blue icon meaning it is either leaving our system or being worked on by the clearinghouse.

The resubmitted claim image can be viewed in the Account Activity by Client.  There will be a BLUE link called Resubmitted Claim.  Click on the link to open up the PDF file that contains the claim.

NOTE:  If you do not see the popup for "Resubmit a Claim" after you click on the electronic billing icon, please check your browser popup blocker.  You may need to make a trusted site.