Madaket Provider Portal FAQs

Getting Started:

Q:  Who is Madaket and why do I need to set up a Provider Portal?

A:  Madaket works with Apex EDI on the enrollment process.  The Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal allows the provider, biller or admin access to one location to start, check status and complete enrollments with payers for EDI and ERA enrollments.

Q:  How do I set up a Madaket Provider Portal?

A:  To initiate a Madaket Provider Portal to set up your account, log into your My Clients Plus account.  Click on Code Setup > Insurance Companies.  Click on the Enrollment button and complete the requested information and submit.  You will receive an account setup email from Madaket.  You must set up your account within 24 hours of the receipt of the Madaket email or the link will expire.

Q:  Does this work on a Mac or Apple devices?

A:  Yes,this will work on a Mac computer or iPad (an iPhone will probably be too small), but we recommend that you use Chrome as your browser. 

Q:  Is there a preferred browser?

A:  Yes, the preferred browser of Madaket is Chrome.

Q:  I got logged out of the Portal and I cannot remember how to log in again.

A:  The URL to access the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal is:

Enrollment Setup Questions:

Q:  I added several payers to the Madaket Provider Portal and I assigned them to the practice, but got timed out while I was away, before I could finish.  Now when I log back in, the payers that were not assigned yet are missing.  What do I do next?

A:  You will need to log  back into your Madaket Provider Portal and add those payers back into the payer tab.  Click on Enrollment Wizard and then click on Payers. Re-add those payers to the Payers tab and click next so you may assign them to the provider profile.

Q:  How do I know if I have enrollments where I need to take some action?

A:  Any enrollments that you have started and need to take action on will be in your Work Queue.  The contact email address will receive an email when new enrollments are added to the Work Queue.  If you have not responded to an existing Work Queue item, Madaket will send you a reminder email every 5 days until action is taken or the enrollment is cancelled.

Q:  I requested my enrollments, now what?

A:  Once you have clicked Enroll, you wait for items to show up in the Work Queue.  Some payers will be enrolled directly by Madaket and others require forms or processes completed by the provider.  Madaket will put your work items in the Work Queue for you to do.

Q:  How will I know I have items in my Work Queue?

A:  You will see them in the account when you log in.  If there are new items in your Work Queue, Madaket will send an email to the Correspondence email address on the profile letting you know there is a new item in the Work Queue.  If you do not complete items in the Work Queue, Madaket will send up to 3 emails, 5 work days apart as a Reminder.

Q:  What happens if I do not respond and complete an item in the Work Queue?

A:  If you do not complete an item in the Work Queue for more than 6 weeks, Madaket will mark the enrollment as cancelled.

Q:  How do I add other users to a Madaket Site ID?

A:  When you are logged into the Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal, click on Site Management.  Select the appropriate Site ID and click on Users.  Click on the Add Site User button and enter their first name, last name, email address (becomes their username) and phone number.  They will be sent a link from Madaket within about 10 minutes to set up their own password.

Q:  How do I know who requires EDI (claims) Enrollment?

A:  You can review your payers in the Apex EDI Payer list where it lists if EDI Enrollment is required for that payer and if ERAs are available for enrollment:  Apex EDI Payer List

Enrollment Questions:

Q:  What if I started my enrollments and then realized my address has changed or the wrong address was entered?

A:  You can update the address in Site Management, but any enrollments in process will automatically be cancelled and you should set up those payers again under the updated entity and re-enroll.

Q:  What happens if I see data errors on the form in Madaket?

A:  If the data profile is correct in your portal, but the form is wrong, you should select the option that there is a problem and a data error.  Describe the error.  You may then follow up with MCP or Madaket ( to request that the data error get corrected.  

Q:  How long can I expect an enrollment to take to be approved?

A:  In your Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal, when you click on Enrollment Dashboard and then Out to Payer Enrollments, there is a column called Estimated Approval Date.  This date is based on how long the average enrollment with this payer takes.  Once this date passes, there are a few things that can happen:

  • If the payer responds to Madaket email prompts, Madaket will email the payer to ask for the approval status.
  • If the payer does not respond to Madaket, then an orange triangle will appear letting you know that you should follow up with the payer using the contact information available in the notification.  You can then update that enrollment when you are told it is approved and it will drop off the Out To Payer Enrollments List.

Enrollment is approved, now what?

Q:  How do I know if my payer requires a Submitter ID sent to Apex EDI?  What is the submitter ID?

A:  There are certain payers that have a provider specific Submitter ID that must be sent to Apex when prior to billing claims.

  • Medicaid IA
  • Medicare AK
  • Medicare AZ
  • Medicare CA (Northern)
  • Medicare CA (Southern)
  • Medicare HI
  • Medicare ID
  • Medicare MT
  • Medicare ND
  • Medicare OR
  • Medicare SD
  • Medicare UT
  • Medicare WA
  • Medicare WY

The Submitter Number can be sent to Apex through this link for Medicare Submitter IDs:  Send Noridian Submitter Numbers to Apex

The submitter number for BCBS AR or MS can be sent through this link:  Send BCBS MS or AR Submitter Number to Apex

Q:  If I am approved for EDI enrollment, can I bill now?

A:  Yes!

Q:  If I am waiting for an ERA enrollment approval and the provider does not require EDI enrollment, can I bill claims to this payer?

A:  Yes! You do not need ERA approval to submit claims.  Only those payers that require EDI enrollment cannot be billed until the EDI enrollment is approved.

Q:  My EDI Enrollment says it is approved, but my claims are still getting rejected.  What should I do?

A:  You will want to verify that you are billing with the same credentials that the enrollment was completed with.  You can log into your Madaket Provider Enrollment Portal to see how the enrollment was set up.  Then compare that to what you are billing with and how you are contracted.  If there is a mismatch somewhere, you will need to determine if the enrollment was completed for the correct contracted entity and that you are billing under that same entity.